Episode Notes

Bonus Episode: Side Car

Hey Ya’ll! These aren’t going to be the normal show notes. But Mom had mentions a couple of magnum opus projects, and those deserve pictures. There will be no links in this post Lastly, The yarn shop that we could not remember the name of is the Kings Farm (rockville) location of Woolwinders Yarn Shop.

Episode 3: Socks! Socks! Socks! Socks!Socks! Socks! Everybody!

Introduction – 00:25 At the time of recording, there have been 16 downloads of Episode 1! I am both astounded and blown away! Thank you all very much. At Audio-Man’s instance, the recording schedule has been tweaked, so that the new episode will now be recorded as the previous episode is launched. Major craft relatedContinue reading “Episode 3: Socks! Socks! Socks! Socks!Socks! Socks! Everybody!”


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