Episode 11: Back in the Saddle

All links to Ravelry are labelled as such. I try to include links to outside websites as much as possible. At this time, I am not including links for purchasing yarns, needles, etc. If I do, they will also be appropriately labelled. As a quick reminder: I am not affiliated with any businesses. If you’d like to show your support of the podcast, please rate and review on your listening device, follow me on instagram, and / or join the ravelry discussion group (ravelry link) if it is safe for you to do so.

Life on the Road Update – 01:45

View from one of our walks while on the work-trip.

Mom is doing better, and is back to work. Thank you all for the kind and lovely words you had for Episode 10.

Deathwish Coffee: Not a sponsor, just a need 03:00

Open Throttle – 03:08

Duck Egg Blue (left) and Winter White (a first attempt swatch)

We finally have a better title for the segment! Since I was on a working-vacation (for me at least) I was fairly single minded and working on all of the MHK level 1 swatches. I used two new colors. Duck Egg Blue and Aran.

The Clun Forest fleece is still being spun on. This episode I mentioned that I am plying from the bobbins, but this has not been as much of a focus as the MHK swatches.

More old swatches.

Gauge Rage: Scream into the void – 07:50

Stalled – 08:00

The Chandelure socks (ravelry link) from Operation Sock Drawer (what!what!) needed to be frogged. They were simply too small.

I’m already loving the colors all over again.

My re-start on the MHK swatches needed to be re-started. My gauge and tension have changed and I ended up needing to change needles. Of course that means that all the progress I had made was null.

Mom’s Yarn Stash: omg – 11:27

Gear Check – 11:55

The tool and some of the yarn it helped me spin.

Today’s gear check is a nifty and cute little tool called the Sheep Shaped Spinners Multi-Tool from Fiber Sprite. It has multiple ways to help spin more consistently all at the tips of my fingers.

Look at how cute this thing is!!

Sunshine: Making yarn gremlins of all of us – 17:35

Scenic Route – 17:53

Some of the new roses are blooming! The Flamenco and Brigadoon roses both had buds and blooms. My edible garden has expanded due to a gift of two raised planters from a neighbor. They will be growing herbs and peppers.

Older sister’s birthday Brigadoon rose, who is more photogenic than mine.

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