Episode 10: Riding with a Passenger

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Introducing our first Side Car rider: Curator of show sponsor – Mom’s Yarn Stash, my Mother! Audio-Man’s mother! I am very excited to make this episode and share it with you dear listeners. She is Radekb (ravelry link) on Ravelry.

Life on the road update – 02:48

Mom is riding in the sidecar with a back brace. Her back has given her trouble before and she is taking appropriate care to keep the issue from getting worse. She is, however, on the good medicine and some of that may be evident in some of the recording. She is using the time she has off from work to take care of herself and get some knitting done.

Fashionably Riding – 04:27

Mom is fashionably riding while recording the episode in her House Socks made from Red Heart Super Saver. She recently finished her own Chenille Vest (ravelry link) inspired by Audio-Man’s version, in Lion Brand Chenille in Royal Blue. The yarn is sadly discontinued. Lastly, she is wearing her Pave the Way Shawl (ravelry link) with an original crochet edging. The shawl is made in Red Heart Roll With It Tweed in the Potpourri colorway.

House Socks

Mom’s Yarn Stash: omg – 18:07

Ongoing Projects – 18:37

Operation Sock Drawer (what!what!) Chandelure socks (ravelry link) continue.

Mom has been working on the Patty Lions Knit-A-Long Grammercy Park. Mom highly recommends Patty’s classes and Knit-A-Longs.

Mom also mentions the project in her work bag – the Twiggy Shawl (ravelry link) made from Lion Brand Cupcake in the Sandcastle colorway. This yarn is also discontinued.

Gramercy Park, pattern by Patty Lions

Deathwish Coffee: Not a sponsor, just a need – 36:56

Stalled – 37:10

For stalled this week, I talk about how my yarn swift may be possessed, as it would continuously fly off of what ever it was secured to and force me to chase it around the house.

Mom mentions that she stalled out several times working on her Grammercy Park KAL.

Fiber Fuckery: You Decide – 45:58

Dropped Bike – 46:17

Mom shared her latest dropped bike experience: A scarf she rediscovered while organizing her yarn stash that she didn’t enjoy making, and frankly couldn’t stand to look at anymore.

Sunshine: Making yarn gremlins of all of us – 50:00

Gear Check – 50:14

Mom and I discuss the different features and uses of the Knit Companion app. Mom also shares some reasons why she will continue to make use of paper patterns, and Audio-Man gets an idea for a birthday present.

Side Car – 1:02:30

This is the brand new segment Side Car! Mom shares a little about how she became the curator for the sponsor of the show, her yarn stash. The full interview will be released next week.

The Medallion Shawl by Inna Voltchkova. A magnum opus.

2 thoughts on “Episode 10: Riding with a Passenger

  1. Hi!! Really great episode with your mom!! SO INTERESTING hearing stories about her knitting adventures, especially her county fair wins! Tell mom, “she was great!” And I hope she stops by more often!


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