Episode 9: KNIT-erstate I-NINE-ty 5

All links to Ravelry are labelled as such. I try to include links to outside websites as much as possible. At this time, I am not including links for purchasing yarns, needles, etc. If I do, they will also be appropriately labelled. As a quick reminder: I am not affiliated with any businesses. If you’d like to show your support of the podcast, please rate and review on your listening device, follow me on instagram, and / or join the ravelry discussion group (ravelry link) if it is safe for you to do so.

Life on the Road Update

Audio Man and I have both received all of our covid shots! Suck it communicable diseases. Thank you to all of the medical staff at the Six Flags Maryland Mass Vaccination Site. Especially the nurse who’s section I was in for observation. She called my knitting high art.

And a reminder: The podcast will be undergoing some changes after episode 10. There will be a brief hiatus, that will hopefully not impact our release schedule.

Fashionably Riding

The Magic Sweater. This is the Essential Cardigan (ravelry link) by Laura Grutzeck, and was made with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted in Dove and Mist.

Broke Crafters of Central Maryland

B.C.o.C.M. is NOT a real charity. B.C.o.C.M. is NOT a real business. Pledges made at patreon.com/2WheelsPodcast go solely to support Spinning on 2 Wheels and its creators.

Ongoing Projects

Rather than the knitting portions of the MHK level one, I have been working diligently on the research report.

The Kickass Knitter in research mode

The Chandelure Socks (ravelry link) by the Munro Sisters3 are still on the needles. Im so happy I get top talk about those now.

I am still spinning on the CLUN FOREST fleece for my next sweater! I incorrectly called the fleece a cormo blend in previous episodes. Thankfully, in a moment of inspired brilliance, I kept the information from the original purchase of the fleece. I am using the chain plying method to ply the yarn.

A Clun Forest all plyed up

Gauge Rage: Scream into the void


Not much. A normal byproduct of spinning from a fleece is that tiny bits must be discarded as they are unsuitable for the final yarn. Unfortunately, this means that my spinning gets stalled when I have to stop and clean up my carpet.

Deathwish Coffee: Not a sponsor, just a need

Scenic Route

I have been winning my war against rust mold. Always start with a victory.

My irises have also been blooming, in their multitude of colors.

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