Episode 8: Only Playing With String

Just Playing with String

All links to Ravelry are labelled as such. I try to include links to outside websites as much as possible. At this time, I am not including links for purchasing yarns, needles, etc. If I do, they will also be appropriately labelled. As a quick reminder: I am not affiliated with any businesses. If you’d like to show your support of the podcast, please rate and review on your listening device, follow me on instagram, and / or join the ravelry discussion group (ravelry link) if it is safe for you to do so.

Fashionably Riding – 8:45

So no state flags…. except one!

Chirfirsten Socks (ravelry link) by Sabrina Schumacher! That’s right they are blocked and already on my feet! And they are so very comfy.

Gauge Rage: Scream into the void – 11:45

Ongoing Projects – 12:00

The Chandelure Socks on the needles. This is the third project from Operation Sock Drawer (what!what!). The pattern (ravelry link) is called ‘Stained Glass’ by MunroSisters3. I am using two different colorways of Kroy Sock (ravelry link) yarn; Flax and Fiesta Jacquard. Audio Man has dubbed them ‘Chandelure’ after the pokemon with a similar coloring.

The Standing Stones Stockings have been completed.

Spinning has been slow going, sitting still is somewhat hard as spring comes upon my part of the world.

Fiber Fuckery: You Decide – 18:40

Stalled – 19:00

The gauge for the Chandelure socks caused some grief. My gauge was too tight in one direction and too loose in another, but neither was in the direction I anticipated.

‘Broke Crafters of Central Maryland’ – 24:40

B.C.o.C.M. is NOT a real charity. B.C.o.C.M. is NOT a real business. Pledges made at patreon.com/2WheelsPodcast go solely to support Spinning on 2 Wheels and its creators.

Dropped Bike – 25:28

This is a hard one, and the inspiration for this episode’s title. After TKGA’s Virtual Masters Day, I came to a realization that I have not been knitting. I have only been playing with string. It turns out that my knitting is fundamentally flawed to a point where none of the swatches I have made thus far will pass my level 1 MHK evaluation.

But, just like dropping a bike during a ride, I can not sit here on the shoulder of life’s road for ever. I am determined to wrestle with the very fundamentals of knitting, right this overturned motorcycle, and continue.

Sunshine: Making yarn gremlins of all of us – 37:13

Scenic Route – 37:40

Dear listeners, my fellow fiber enthusiasts, I am at war. It is a war of two fronts, and it is being waged over my very soul. And by soul I mean my pride as a gardener. Which is the last pride I have going for me as my pride as a knitter was somewhat broken recently. My old nemesis, saw-tooth fly larvae are back on the oldest rose bush. The second enemy on that bush is a new enemy called Rose Rust Mold. Both enemies are killers, and I am fighting them valiantly.

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