Episode 7: All Over the Place

What’s YOUR superpower!?

All links to Ravelry are labelled as such. I try to include links to outside websites as much as possible. At this time, I am not including links for purchasing yarns, needles, etc. If I do, they will also be appropriately labelled. As a quick reminder: I am not affiliated with any businesses. If you’d like to show your support of the podcast, please rate and review on your listening device, follow me on instagram, and / or join the ravelry discussion group (ravelry link) if it is safe for you to do so.

Life on the Road – 01:13

Audio Man has created the segment ‘Scenic Route’ for me to put all of my plant and garden related ramblings. He figured people tuning in for knitting would not necessarily be interested in half an hour of plant talk!

Fashionably Riding – 01:40

The hand knits have been put aside for spring, but I still find myself reaching for fiber festival garb from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

Mom’s Yarn Stash: omg – 02:19

Ongoing Projects – 02:42

The Chirfirsten Socks (ravelry link) are completely finished! Which means a bonus episode will be coming very very soon to introduce the next project from Operation Sock Drawer (what! what!). I have been spinning on a fleece purchased at MDSW in 2019. The breed in indeterminate until I find more information. I am hoping to spin enough fingering weight yarn for a vintage-inspired or vintage sweater. It’s about time I make myself a sweater too. Lastly, The Standing Stones Stockings (ravelry link) by Kalurah Hudson are continuing to grow… sort of.

Standing Stones (pile of) Stockings

Fiber Fuckery: You Decide – 05:49

Stalled – 06:08

The Standing Stones Stockings needed more room, again. So they were frogged back (rip it rip it rip it) about 20cm, again. More stitches were added to the stockinette panel at the back to the stockings, again. Also mentioned is the stalled progress on the MHK level 1. The non-knitting parts are just less fun to work on.

Sunshine: Making yarn gremlins of all of us. – 09:31

Scenic Route – 09:48

Two thornless raspberries are showing no signs of life, a shame that the number of those plants are significant for my anniversary that is coming up. All new rose bushes are showing new buds and even some leaves. One of those, is a present, so that is very very good news. The lilacs that Audio Man was a little nervous about helping me trim back are blooming and thriving! As are many of the vegetables that are in my Victory (over Covid) Garden.

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