Episode 5 : Welcome to The MHK

We had the first listener shout out! If you would like a shout out too, introduce yourself in the Ravelry group here, or let me know via private message on Instagram @thekickassknitter.

Tune-Up – 01:25

Today’s Tune-Up covers the Master Handknitting Certification course offered by The Knitting Guild Association. For more information or to begin your own journey through the MHK, check out the TKGA website at tkga.org.

Fashionably Riding – 09:59

The Persephone Shell (ravelry link) by Lien Ngo was tried on and promptly removed due to fitting. Originally made in 2015 in Bernat Cotton-ish (ravelry link) yarn in Gun Powder gray and Patons North America Silk Bamboo (ravelry link) in Royal Blue.

Sunshine! – Making Yarn Gremlins of all of Us -13:00

Ongoing Projects – 13:17

All swatches for the MHK level 1 have been knit! The last batch needs blocking, and labeling. One swatch needs to be seamed after blocking.

Churfirsten Socks (ravelry link) in Knitologie Cozy Sock (ravelry link) in the Citris Squeeze colorway already have the heels turned.

The Vest (ravelry link) by David R. Castillo (ravelry link) is almost finished. The body is done, it just needs a collar, and sleeve borders. The colorwork sections went MUCH faster once they were being worked flat.

Cast-on for the Standing Stones Stockings (ravelry link) by Kalurah Hudson. Using Berroco Inca® Tweed in colorway 8907 Trigo. I used the Modern Knitting Daily method for making a toe-up heel flap, found here. Definitely read the instructions all the way through before starting. Maybe twice.

Also started some sewing! Envelope throw pillow cases vaguely based on this design. I am using all recycled materials.

DeathWish Coffee: Not a sponsor, just a need – 24:41

Stalled – 25:02

Stalled a little on the stockings, because the heel-flap technique requires quite a bit of concentration and math and I gave it neither. I miscalculated both the number of gusset increases and where to begin the gusset increases.

Mom’s Yarn Stash: omg – 26:49

Gear Check – 27:13

I have been using some hand carders that I borrowed from my older sister to re-fluff the synthetic fiber fill that I am recycling to make the new throw pillows. I am pleasantly surprised by how effective this method is.

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