Episode 4: Making an Ass of Myself

Introduction – 00:40

New discussion topic in the Ravelry group: Mechanics (ravelry link). Anything feedback you’d like to leave, that is the best place. Remember, your motorcycle won’t stop making the weird little noise, if you don’t tell anyone that there’s something wrong. It’s me. I am the motorcycle. Please let me know if I can improve your listening experience in any way.

Tune-up: The Knitting Guild Association – 04:20

The Knitting Guild Association, found here, is a 501 (c3) charitable organization dedicated to providing education and resources to knitters. Membership is $25 USD annually. They offer retreats, online courses, and certifications for a multitude of knitting related life style choices.

Fashionably Riding – 10:18

I have been fashionably riding in Rêveurs Socks (ravelry link). This was the only knitting I mentioned, but I swear it is not the only clothing I have been wearing. Because it has still been cold and a little snow-y here.

Deathwish Coffee: Not a sponsor, just a need. – 11:20

On-Going Projects – 11:34

Churfirsten (bless you) Socks (ravelry link) by Sebrina Schumacher (ravelry link) from Operation Sock Drawer (what!what!) project is on the needles. The lovely yarn is Cozy Sock (ravelry link) by Knitologie in the colorway Citrus Squeeze which is the embodiment of radioactive lemonade.

The Vest (ravelry link) continues to speed along due to the larger yarn weight.

Pigments of Inspiration: Drugs, Brain Injury or Excitement – does the why matter? – 20:36

Stalled – 21:04

The Vest stalls itself on a fairly regular basis, i.e. every row, because twisting and catching four active balls of yarn is a juggling feat in and of itself. I also hadn’t wound my hanks of handspun Jacobs wool into cakes at the beginning of the project because I was probably in a hurry and just wanted to cast on.

The Churfirsten socks occasionally need to be corrected as I knit along to fix minor little mistakes. Laddering in the heel sections were dealt with by separating the socks onto individual circular needles.

Sunshine: Making Yarn gremlins of all of us – 26:22

Gear Check – 26:41

This Gear Check is the Chiao Goo Red Lace Circular needles. They are an absolute delight, coated in nylon.

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