Episode 2: Public Knitters – The Best Cryptid

Episode 2 becoming a reality

Introduction and Fashionable Riding – 00:25

Reminiscing on the before-times, when knitting in public was fun, and approaching strangers to talk about knitting was slightly more acceptable.

KnitCrate January 2021 unboxing – 05:17

Fashionable Riding – 08:48

Being fabulously fashionable this episode are several pair of vanilla socks. One ankle pair in Rita Mae Yarns (ravelry link) Sweet Pea Sock in the “Gingerbread” colorway. the second pair of vanilla socks are made from KnittyandColor (ravelry link) Acoustic Sock in the “Toothless the Night Fury” colorway first purchased in 2015 at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

Beyond socks, there are two sweaters mentioned. The Caledon Fall (ravelry link) by the talented Shaulaine White. More of their work can be found here. This sweater was originally made as an entry into The Yarniacs Podcast colors of fall knit-a-long in 2018 for ‘Red Pear’ inspiration. Also mentioned is The Fog Sweater (ravelry link) by Tiennie (ravelry link) made in 2012 in KnitPicks Brava (ravelry link) in the “Dublin” colorway.

Sunshine: Making yarn gremlins of all of us. – 14:06

On-Going Projects – 14:22

Swatches 1-6 for TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program are blocked, labelled and complete. Swatches 1 and 3 had some set backs, but are done. Swatch 15, completed early for gauge measuring purposes, is blocked, but in need of a label and other submission specific requirements.

Swatches 7-12 were powered through in the span of two evenings. They are blocked but still in need of labels. Blocking these as a group was challenging due to the remarkable similarities between different decrease techniques.

The Rêveurs (ravelry link) socks from Operation Sock Drawer (what! what!) by The Knitmore Girls are almost at the toe decrease.

Jacobs wool from Boru Farms was spun up during 2020 and will be made into a vest for 2021. Pattern yet to be decided.

Fiber Fuckery: You Decide – 23:48

Stalled – 24:08

The fiber fuckery begins. Discussion of the frustrations of yarn breaks, remaking swatches and the futility of swatch differentiation.

‘Broke Crafters of Central Maryland’ – 32:55

B.C.o.C.M. is NOT a real charity. B.C.o.C.M. is NOT a real business. Pledges made at patreon.com/2WheelsPodcast go solely to support Spinning on 2 Wheels and its creators.

Gear Check – 33:42

The Ashford Kiwi II is a portable, quiet spinning wheel that is delightful to spin fiber on, even as it eats brake lines.

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