Episode 1: There Should Probably Be a Title Here

Introduction and Fashionable Riding – 00:14

Being fashionably worn are Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder.

Deathwish Coffee: Not a sponsor, just a need. – 5:53

On-Going Projects – 6:07

The Knitting Guild Association Master Hand Knitting Program can be found here. All knitting for the MHK is done in Patons Classic Wool in the Winter White colorway.

Operation Sock Drawer by The Knitmore Girls is the pattern book containing beautiful sock patterns. First up is Rêveurs by Cheryl Eaton. These socks are being made in Twin Mommy Creations‘ Enchantress.

Ferdinand the Frog by Elizabeth Ann Corbin is being made for a dear friend. He is almost ready to go to his forever home. All they need is a hand sewn tag from Ever Emblem.

‘Broke Crafters of Central Maryland’ – 14:35

B.C.o.C.M. is NOT a real charity. B.C.o.C.M. is NOT a real business. Pledges made at patreon.com/2WheelsPodcast go solely to support Spinning on 2 Wheels and its creators.

Stalled – 15:20

The fiber fuckery begins. Discussion of the difficulties of swatches, lace repeats and crochet.

Mom’s Yarn Stash: omg 20:48

Dropped Bike – 21:12

The Sweater From Hell is a Gunnislake Pullover by Meghan Babin. It is a reverse toasted-chili-cheese-and-chutney sandwich.

Sunshine: Making yarn gremlins of all of us. – 26:41

Gear check – 26:58

Multitudinous types of needles. How they come about and what gets used.

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